4 Types of Retaining Walls

retaining wall visionary landscaping

There are different types of retaining walls and there is almost always one style that will work for your outdoor space. The appropriateness of a retaining wall depends on factors like yard size, elevation, and drainage of the desired installation area. When you familiarize yourself with the most common retaining wall styles, it will be …

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Family Friendly Hardscape Features for Your Backyard

family friendly hardscape features

When you expand your outdoor space to include more areas to sit, eat, socialize, and relax, it allows your home and patio to evolve with your family. Adding any of the following family friendly hardscape features to an existing layout or designing something from scratch with an expert landscaper will deliver curb appeal, entertaining space, …

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5 Ways to Transform Your Patio for Fall

fall patio visionary landscaping

Homeowners who put time and resources into maintaining a patio for summer entertaining know the value of outdoor living space. If you typically stick to the warmer months for enjoying the great outdoors, don’t limit yourself. Establish your patio as a hot spot through the fall with any of the following hardscape and softscape additions …

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Expand Your Kitchen with an Outdoor Grill

expand your kitchen

Ever wish you could have an extra cooking area that didn’t require extensive preparation or clean-up? Plenty of homeowners look to outdoor living to expand your kitchen by adding an outdoor grill. This fire element isn’t just one outdoor appliance – it’s an entire vibe. The Benefits of an Outdoor Grill If you have a …

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5 Reasons to Add Fire Elements to Your Landscaping

fire elements visionary landscaping

Whether it’s a calm summer night or a cool fall evening, there’s nothing quite like the comfort and beauty of a contained outdoor fire. Work with your landscape design expert and you’ll discover what type of fire element is right for your outdoor area and the reasons to add fire elements and why this addition …

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Create a Backyard Sanctuary with Water Features

create a backyard sanctuary

Decorative water features add visual interest and tranquility to any backyard. No matter how large or small your outdoor space is, it’s always possible to add a water feature that blends into the landscaping and enhances the natural beauty around you and to create a backyard sanctuary that’s perfect for relaxing your body and restoring …

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How to Design a Luxe-Looking Patio

Luxe-Looking Patio

With the right expert help, it’s easy to create a luxe-looking patio. Knowing what style and elements you’re looking for is the place to start, then it’s time to consult with experienced landscapers and design a setting that suits your vision, aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. Choose the Right Hardscape An impressive, luxe-looking patio begins with …

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4 Creative Landscape Construction Projects

landscape construction visionary landscaping michigan

Landscape construction is all about improving your property, not just aesthetically but functionally. For example, if you have an area you’ve always considered unusable because it’s too wet and squishy, you may be shocked to discover that customized landscape construction efforts can improve the drainage system in that part of your yard and transform it …

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5 Benefits of Choosing Brick Pavers for Your Patio

brick pavers patio visionary landscape

Many materials can be turned into a beautiful patio, but one of the best options for developing a stunning design is brick pavers. A versatile and popular choice for patios and walkways, brick pavers are used to create the perfect firepit, seating area, or open space. Benefits of choosing brick pavers for your patio ensure …

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