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    Landscaping Installation

    You can dream up an idea for the exterior of your home, and you can bring that dream to life through 3D software, but then comes the hard work: landscaping installation. Every outdoor living project is unique, as are the elements included in it, and it takes time to craft that vision. At Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI, we provide accurate estimates of time, tools, and costs so you know what to expect and when your finished product will be complete.

    What to Expect from Landscaping Installation

    When you work with an experienced landscaper, their job is to listen to your preferences while guiding you in the right direction when it comes to the landscaping and materials used to enhance your outdoor space.

    Landscaping installation happens in stages. Some softscaping may overlap with hardscaping, some projects may need to be held so they can be installed at a particular time of year or when the weather is different. Patience and planning are both important when you want to upgrade your home.

    It’s exciting to work with someone who understands the nuances of all parts of landscaping and how to manage your flat or hilly or uncooperative yard and land. And it’s fun to see landscaping software that transforms your space before your eyes so you can get a good idea of what will work best as you transform your space.

    What to Expect from Landscaping Installation - Visionary Landscaping
    Elevated Landscaping Installations - Visionary Landscaping

    Elevated Landscaping Installations

    There are some landscaping installations that are a significant investment, but their presence in your outdoor space delivers a major return in usage and beauty. If you would like to make a significant addition to your home for entertaining, relaxing, and simple enjoyment, consider the following types of hardscape construction:

    • Patio: Perk up a flat green area or lackluster segment of your lawn with a brick paver patio that elevates and expands your outdoor space.
    • Fire pit: Add a fire pit or fireplace that offers warmth, a cooking area, and multi-season comfort.
    • Bars and grills: If you want to bring the inside outside, add a bar and grill for a second kitchen that lets you entertain amid your family and guests.

    Add unexpected Beauty in Unexpected Places

    Some landscaping features may seem like elements that won’t make much of a difference overall, but the following hardscaping treatments are incredibly transformative and positively affect the senses:

    • Water features: Tranquility is a welcome feature in any environment, and you can make it happen with decorative water features, whether you add them to an existing swimming pool or combine with a freestanding hardscape in the form of a fountain, bubbler, stream, or water wall. The look of water features is great, but the sound is often homeowners’ favorite part.
    • Retaining walls: This element is designed to work hard and hold a sloping, hilly earth in place while stopping runoff and soil erosion. Retaining walls are strong, but they are also beautiful when designed with stone, brick, or treated timber. You can escape a misbehaving yard with this one effective and visually significant feature.
    • Walkways and steps: If you have a bumpy lawn or a nondescript, crackling sidewalk, spruce up the walking areas with brick or stone pathways. It’s amazing what a difference a customized path can make, especially when it blends with your patio or home exterior. You and your guests will feel confident walking around with a trusty path underfoot.
    Add Unexpected Beauty in Unexpected Places - Visionary Landscaping is Who to Call
    What is Your Landscaping Installation Timeline - Visionary Landscaping Will Help You to Determine the Timeline

    What Is Your Landscaping Installation Timeline?

    There is no way to know what kind of landscaping installation is right for your home until you meet with a professional landscaping team. Contact Visionary Landscaping, tell us what you’re hoping to create for your home, and let’s get started on a new outdoor space for your best life.