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    Landscape Design

    Every homeowner’s outdoor space is unique. Your landscape design should be too. Turning a yard and exterior space into an extended living area occurs through both functional and artistic design. Create an attractive, usable outdoor space when you work with talented, experienced designers on the team at Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI. We strive to deliver a customized transformation of your space, crafted to your specifications and budget and the tenets of landscape design.

    Features of Landscape Design

    Landscape design blends art and science, hardscape and softscape. The composition of an outdoor area is carefully considered from every angle, so it becomes a comfortable, beautiful composition. The most common features of landscape design include:

    • Harmony: Arching trees, plants that draw butterflies, walkways edged by bursting greenery.
    • Sound: A crunching pebble and paver path, a trickling water wall or waterfall.
    • Color: Shrubs in different shades of green, a colorful blend of flowers.
    • Texture: Smooth patio pavers, rough retaining walls, sleek water features.
    • Versatility: Outdoor kitchens, fire elements, seat walls, all for relaxation or entertainment.

    Well-done landscape design teems with life and beauty. Line, form, weight, scale, proportion, unity, repetition – these are all elements needed to create a balanced, pleasing outdoor area. Stepping into a carefully designed space should feel soothing and just right.

    Features of Landscape Designs - Visionary Landscaping
    Potential Landscape Design Elements - Visionary Landscaping

    Potential Landscape Design Elements

    The natural and the manmade are combined in a balanced landscape design. Strategic placement of every ingredient comes together to form an area where you want to spend time, feel content, and see Mother Nature alive and well among the features that allow you to socialize or enjoy quiet time.

    The right landscape designer works with you to bring your vision for your outdoor space to life. As you go over possible features, be prepared to discuss the following:

    • Landscape construction: Landscape construction is an essential element of landscape design and refers to the removal, alteration, or installation of hardscapes or softscapes into an existing space to improve functionality. This might mean flattening or raising land, improving drainage, or installing new features like a patio, fountain, fire pit, sidewalks, and plants.
    • Hardscape: Hardscape materials incorporated into a landscape includes all the tough stuff – the materials that stay put once they’re installed: patio, retaining walls, fire pit or fireplace, walkways, an outdoor kitchen, grills and bars, and seat walls. The materials chosen and the colors of those materials influence the entire landscape design so both hard and soft features blend sensibly.
    • Softscape: No landscape is complete without the soft touch of live plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers. These components grow and change within the landscape from season to season. Some need regular maintenance to maintain their beauty. Others are meant to grow wild and large and envelop an area with their softness. They make an outdoor space come alive.

    Talk Landscape Design with Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township

    Landscape design is outdoor decorative art. Your yard and patio and entire outside space is taken into careful consideration to create a cost-effective, stunning exterior area. Whether you favor repetition or contrast, unity or variety, patterns or transitions, the many principles of design are weighed to deliver long-lasting beauty year-round. Through careful landscape design, you can support biodiversity, create functional areas, improve curb appeal and property value, and so much more.

    At Visionary Landscaping, we create 3D designs so you can see what the complete reconstruction of your outdoor zone will look like. Whether you want to enhance a residential or commercial exterior space, expect high-quality transformations from our team of expert designers and installers. Contact us to schedule a consultation and watch your vision come to life.

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