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    Patio Seat Walls - Visionary Landscaping

    Patio Seat Walls

    Patios are the foundation of many outdoor living spaces. To make the most of your space, whether small or large, expand vertically with customized patio seat walls and create attractive areas for family and guests to sit, eat, and play. Discuss your project with the landscaping experts at Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI, to see your ideas brought to life.

    The Composition of Seat Walls

    There is only so much outdoor furniture that can be added to a patio before it becomes cluttered, a tripping hazard, and unattractive. Built-in patio seat walls, however, are a permanent solution that doesn’t monopolize space and easily stands up to harsh weather, sun, and outdoor creatures.

    This lasting addition to a patio performs multiple roles and works as a functional design element and useful location to get comfortable. Seat walls do the following:

    • Provide a place to sit.
    • Define the space.
    • Transition between outdoor spaces.
    • Control yard slope.
    • Add architectural interest.

    Typically made of stone or brick, patio seat walls are designed to blend into patio designs, so they mesh seamlessly and grow out of the outdoor space almost organically. Seat walls are low so they’re easy to sit on but not so low that they’re impossible to get up from or trip over. Design elements like columns can be included underneath or within sections of the seating, but the top is always flat for comfort.

    Composition of Patio Seat Walls - Visionary Landscaping Will Help You Decide Where
    Best Places to Build Seat Walls - Visionary Landscaping

    Best Places to Build Seat Walls

    Whether homeowners are designing a patio from scratch or upgrading an existing outdoor living space, one hardscape addition at the top of most lists is patio seat walls – a surefire way to accommodate more people than traditional chairs. Sometimes, patio seat walls are so convincingly installed, they don’t even look like they offer convenient seating. Add pillows, cushions, plants, and natural elements to soften the space and make it inviting. Here are some of the best ways to incorporate this type of hardscape seating into your patio:

    • At the firepit: The majority of built-in firepits are circular, leaving room for chairs to be fitted in around the pit. Sometimes, though, the better choice is adding a circular or semi-circular patio seat wall around the pit, creating casual easy seating that’s close but not too close to the flame.
    • Along the perimeter: Patios open on all sides are convenient for people and pets to make their way into the yard. However, one of the nicest places for patio seat walls is along the perimeter of your space. There is no need to box everyone in, but corner seating or walls along the longest sides deliver excellent spots to sit and hang out. The shape can be square, serpentine, circular, or whatever the area and your imagination allow.
    • Beside the fireplace: Anyone who isn’t the chef in residence will enjoy permanent seating that extends from either side of a built-in or freestanding fireplace. Enjoy warmth and ambiance or lean against the sides of the fireplace for even more comfort.
    • In the uneven yard: If you have a section of yard alongside the patio that is uneven or sloped, multi-tiered patio seat walls can be built into the space to make good use of it and help the odd landscaping of your yard disappear.

    Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Patio Seat Walls

    Hardscape construction delivers incredible aesthetics and usefulness to outdoor living spaces. A patio seat wall is a fully functional element and a multi-purpose addition that both looks good and delivers seating that fits seamlessly into a patio.

    If you have a vision for how you want to incorporate patio seating, or even if you don’t, schedule a consultation with the experts at Visionary Landscaping to watch it all come together

    Seat Walls - Upgrade Your Patio Seat Wall with Visionary Landscaping