Backyard Elegance


Our client envisioned a cozy backyard retreat, perfect for intimate family evenings and lively gatherings with friends. They wanted to preserve their existing deck while incorporating a fire element and providing space for their hot tub.

Starting this project in winter afforded us ample time to collaborate with the client and design a space they would love to come home to. Designer Brianna Carrier developed a plan featuring a spacious step-down patio adjacent to the deck. This new area includes a fire table with seating and a six-person hot tub. The patio is constructed with Belgard Old York pavers in pewter, accented with a midnight border. The fire table is crafted from western non-tumbled stone in midnight.

To enhance the design, we added low-maintenance landscaping, including small flowering perennials, boxwoods, and a row of arborvitaes for privacy. This thoughtful blend of hardscaping and landscaping has transformed the backyard into a welcoming sanctuary. Our client now enjoys a versatile and inviting outdoor space, perfect for relaxation and entertainment

“Designing this project was a joy; it was exciting to transform their backyard into a versatile and inviting space.”

Brianna Carrier

Senior Landscape Designer

What We Did

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Brick Paver Walkway

Fire Table

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