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    Professional landscaping allows for the customization of outdoor living space. The exterior aesthetics of a home or office can be as unique or unassuming as you prefer, thanks to the guidance and expertise of Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI.

    Softscape for Your Landscape

    When most people think of landscaping, the first thing that comes to mind is the live greenery, plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees that live in that exterior space. The art of successful softscaping is found in the successful selection of each element so it thrives in the soil and fits into a cohesive, friendly design that renews itself annually.

    Some of the most important considerations when blending the art and science of landscape design into a harmonious finished product include:

    • Sound: Trickling water, crunching pebbles, rustling leaves, a crackling fire.
    • Color: Multiple greenery, colorful flowers, trees with different barks.
    • Texture: Smooth pavers, rough bricks, sleek water, soft flowers.
    • Versatility: Features that encourage entertaining and relaxation, like retaining walls, firepits, outdoor kitchens.

    The look of landscaping isn’t only about patios and greenery. Weight, form, proportion, scale, repetition, and unity all work together to create balance that looks and feels just right.

    Softscape for Your Landscape
    Adding Hardscaping to Landscaping

    Adding Hardscaping to Landscaping

    Hardscaping extends living space and personalized landscaping, creating “rooms” outside to enjoy the open air and a beautiful setting designed just as you want it. Some of the most common hardscaping projects include:

    • Patios: A patio can be as luxe or simple as you prefer. From seating areas to decorative elements, patios come in many possible combinations in materials, design, size, and color.
    • Steps and walkway: Many homeowners opt to create sturdy pathways from the front of the home to the back or around the backyard living area. This element makes for an inviting, quaint feature.
    • Fire pits and fireplaces: A fire pit or fireplace is a friendly and calming addition to any yard that extends the use of the landscaped space through spring, summer, and fall and offers a source of illumination.
    • Retaining walls: Any uneven space, an unfinished patio, or a lonely firepit can be enhanced with a customized retaining wall that serves as a decorative element and is constructed high enough to work as friendly seating.

    Blending landscaping and hardscaping allows for an excellent combination of textures and features for a soothing outdoor living area.

    Landscaping Enhancements

    Water features are a form of hardscaping that are also their own entity. Available in a host of styles and sizes, water anywhere in the backyard infuses the environment with a bit of tranquility. Whether you’re adding a bubbler to a swimming pool, a freestanding pond, or a waterfall backdrop, the sound, texture, and appearance of water is a soothing, natural boost to any landscape.

    An outdoor living space becomes even more livable when kitchen elements make their way to the exterior with a bar and grill area. A grilling station, oven, smoker, prep area, refrigerator, and more make it possible to prepare food and drinks while you entertain instead of being confined to the indoors.

    Of course, nothing is quite right on a busy patio without appropriate lighting. Whether you are looking for mood lighting, spotlights to brighten a bar area, or illumination to light the way, this element of landscaping can be prioritized in the design of your entire outdoor area.

    Landscaping Enhancements
    Get 3D Landscaping Designs From Visionary Landscaping

    Get 3D Landscaping Designs from Visionary Landscaping

    If you want a clear vision of what the finished product of your landscaping plans will look like before any work begins, rely on Visionary Landscaping for professional 3D plans. See the finished product at your home or office, move elements around, and truly watch your vision come to life. Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin the beautiful process of extending your outdoor living space.