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    Types of Outdoor Walkways

    A customized walkway is the ideal element to tie your entire outdoor living space together, connect front and back yards, and create an easy method for visitors to walk around safely. The landscaping and hardscaping experts at Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI, are prepared to review the types of outdoor walkways with you and design the exact look you want for your home.

    What Type of Outdoor Walkway Is Right for Your Space?

    Outdoor walkways give you the opportunity to employ horizontal space and make the most of smaller to larger areas, fitting in a pathway where other outdoor elements might not work. Customized footpaths expand the square footage of external living space and contribute to a more functional area, connecting patio to distant fire pit, front door to back door, driveway to deck.

    As you consider the type of outdoor walkway that will work best with your preferences, usage, and aesthetics, keep in mind that you can incorporate meandering paths to garden-lined walks to modern solutions that match or complement the rest of your patio area.



    Sleek and modern, pavers can be selected to mimic the rest of your outdoor living space or stand out for their different appearance. Concrete pavers can be designed to look like stone and deliver a more affordable type of outdoor walkway without sacrificing elegance. Brick pavers can blend with hardscape and softscape for a more rustic look.

    Whether you opt to place pavers inches apart separated by grass or gravel or snugly fit them together for a smooth design, the chosen material is installed firmly underfoot for a broad and solid walking area.


    Flagstone is a versatile walkway material that can be shaped into irregular pieces that can be arranged like a puzzle or rectangular shapes that deliver uniformity. Their rough surface delivers excellent traction, especially after rain or a good watering of the nearby garden, which makes them a great choice for an outdoor walkway.



    Some of the most playful types of outdoor walkways can be created with stone. Various shapes and sizes of stones can be put together for a harmonious but eclectic look, a pathway of stepping stones, or areas for placing planters along the perimeter.

    Cobblestones often appeal to homeowners who have a meticulously landscaped outdoor area and wish for a polished look that matches the careful manicuring and brings uniformity to the space. Cobblestones can be matching or colorful, and the many options of stone varieties give homeowners room to design just the kind of walkway they envision.

    Wood and Gravel

    If you’re in search of a more organic look for your walkway, treated wood planks can be strategically sized and placed amid gravel or river rock to deliver a meditative path. Add a waterfall or pergola nearby and you can piece together a look that either announces itself as art deco chic or one with nature.


    Sizing Up Your Outdoor Walkway

    Whether you have a large or small yard, it can benefit from a walkway that:

    • Creates a separation of space.
    • Produces the illusion of an even larger outdoor area.
    • Delineates multiple sections for various activities.
    • Turns less-used areas into newly coveted spaces.
    • Delivers the usual benefits of a private sidewalk, like safety and accessibility.

    The benefits of working with an experienced landscaper is that you have support and advice when considering a combination of materials or matching elements, whether a straight or serpentine shape is best for your walk, and if steps are necessary. Contact Visionary Landscaping to get started on your outdoor walkway today.