6 Water Features That Complement a Backyard Pool

There are subtle, obvious, classic, and whimsical ways to add water features to any outdoor space for peace, ambiance, curb appeal, and a natural complement to your backyard pool. Whether you’re adding pool decking to a developing oasis, tweaking existing landscaping, or seeking a new look entirely, you’ll be happy with yourself if you also opt for customized water features that complement your backyard pool.

Decorative Water Features for Your Outdoor Space

It’s a smart choice to include decorative water features in your landscaping at the time you’re upgrading or establishing pool decking or revitalized space. The following options are soothing, attractive, and blend seamlessly with your pool:

  1. Pool scuppers: These subtle but powerful water spouts are wall-mounted fixtures that invite water to flow into the pool. Available in different sizes and finishes, it’s easy to find a design that blends with your aesthetic and delivers the gentle or powerful force you want.
  2. Waterwalls: A waterwall is an exciting and soothing cascade of water, whether freestanding in the pool or built into a hillside or existing wall. The continuous cycle delivers an impressive visual element as well as pleasant sounds. Light it up for an even more enticing water feature.
  3. Waterfalls: Easy to maintain and highly customizable in size and design, a waterfall can cascade over the edge of pool decking into the pool, be situated among stones and rocks, or be set back on its own as a separate feature from the pool.
  4. Bubblers: Fun, simple, and sweet, bubblers fit perfectly in small spaces as decorative fountains that spray or spout water jets. You can even request a design that is naturally occurring and blends into existing pool decking pavers for a streamlined look.
  5. Streams: Your pool isn’t going anywhere once it’s installed, but if you want a little water movement a stream is an excellent way to get it. Prefabricated options already populated with rocks and plants may work with your backyard design or you can develop your own stream with your choice of greenery and rocks. Low maintenance, calming, and decorative, this natural-looking water feature complements any pool whether nearby or in a different part of the yard.
  6. Ponds: Not every water features needs to be part of your pool. A natural pond or manmade pond can be installed alongside or within the pool decking as a natural departure from the swimming pool and entry into the rest of your backyard sanctuary.

Don’t Forget About the Pool Decking

If you have a backyard pool, pool decking is non-negotiable. This important feature provides a secure walking area, particularly when people get out of the water, and prevents slipping as well as grass invading the pool. The design of the pool decking and pool should blend for a seamless look that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements the overall appearance of your home.

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