Family Friendly Hardscape Features for Your Backyard

When you expand your outdoor space to include more areas to sit, eat, socialize, and relax, it allows your home and patio to evolve with your family. Adding any of the following family friendly hardscape features to an existing layout or designing something from scratch with an expert landscaper will deliver curb appeal, entertaining space, and the ideal location for you and your family to get together.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be tall or short, curved or with stairs. Design options are plentiful, and this feature can make your family love your backyard. Retaining wall materials are heavy and strong and seamlessly incorporated into hills, yards, and patio. The walls can even be added to playground areas for safety and curb appeal (and a little bit of kid climbing and balancing). Plus, retaining walls are an excellent spot for potted plants, lounging cats, and seating.

Fire Pit

Get s’more enjoyment out of your backyard when you implement a customized fire pit. A circular area lends itself to a round seating space while delivering warmth, soft lighting, and heat for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. If you want something a little more contrasting with the softness of your landscaping, opt for a square fire pit and the interesting visual element it delivers. Your fire pit can be fully functional for cooking or optimized for heat and camaraderie. Your choice.

Seating Walls

A sophisticated look takes shape when you incorporate seating walls into your outdoor living space. These meticulously designed stone areas can be situated to surround a firepit, form a perimeter around a patio, flank the swimming pool, or border fireplaces or built-in outdoor kitchens. Seating walls offer beauty and functionality – they designate areas within your space and offer up convenient seating too.

Outdoor Kitchen

It would be tough to find an adult who doesn’t love the idea of simpler meal prep and less cleanup. A customized outdoor kitchen setup delivers the kind of family friendly options that simplify life while delivering big on memories. Cook, store, prep, and serve your nearest and dearest or newest friends and visitors with features like a grill, cooktop, smoker, pizza oven, or bar and convenient additions such as a refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, cupboards, island, task lighting, and power sockets.

Choose the Best Hardscape Feature for Your Backyard

Your patio moves with the ages and stages of children, from riding trikes to hanging out with friends to visiting with their own families. Enjoy time together now in a welcoming backyard and look ahead to the future, because the right family friendly hardscape features done well will last for decades. Contact Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township to discuss your vision for your backyard and schedule a consultation.