5 Ways to Transform Your Patio for Fall

Homeowners who put time and resources into maintaining a patio for summer entertaining know the value of outdoor living space. If you typically stick to the warmer months for enjoying the great outdoors, don’t limit yourself. Establish your patio as a hot spot through the fall with any of the following hardscape and softscape additions for ways to transform your patio for Fall.

1. Add Beautiful Fall Vegetation

Autumn vegetation is the easiest and most reliable addition to any patio. The colors, shapes, and textures of mums, pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales create a cheery ambiance and blend well together no matter what the combo. Whether you want to plant your mums or have pots placed strategically around your patio, there is no wrong way to spice up the landscaping at this time of year.

2. Invest in a Fire Element

If you’re interested in a fire pit or fireplace, the addition of a fire element is the ideal way to extend outdoor living time. Michigan is home to plenty of cold months, and cozying up to an intimate fire pit or roasting marshmallows in a statuesque fireplace works day and night to create that perfect fall ambiance.

Socialize with a round of chairs for guests, strike up a fire on your own for some alone time, or welcome the entire family for a meal and good company. The comfort provided by a strong, sturdy, crackling fire and the illumination and warmth it provides is a hallmark of fall.

3. Populate with Blankets and Pillows

If you want more texture that can be safely stored away or taken inside, invest in soft, bright blankets and pillows in plaid, chenille, and corduroy. You’ll have a great way to get comfortable and warm up whether you’re outside reading, napping, sitting, talking, or just enjoying the scenery. Select a color scheme and stick with it for the season for a cohesive, inviting environment.

4. Get Ready to Grill

Grilling isn’t just for summer. Can you imagine making Thanksgiving dinner on your patio? It’s possible if you outfit your outdoors with a carefully customized grilling and prep area. Extend your outdoor space for fall tailgates, holiday celebrations, and any gathering where you’d rather work at the outdoor kitchen than the indoor one.

5. Expand Seating

Maybe you already have a fire element or designated eating area, but you could use a little built-in seating to serve you year-round. Invest in a customized seating wall to surround a fire pit or border the entire patio. When there are places to sit, your patio automatically becomes an all-weather area to enjoy. With those blankets nearby, no one will ever be cold on a seat wall made of stone, rock, or brick.

Create an Autumn Patio

Some of the additions recommended here may only be temporary while others are permanent, but they will all give your home life and enhance its beauty as you celebrate the changing seasons. Get help from Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township to bring your vision alive. Contact us to schedule a consultation, view 3D designs, and get ready for ways to transform your patio for Fall.