Patio Upgrades to Consider While You Wait for Spring

As another brutal Michigan winter gets underway, many people dream of the balmy, breezy days of spring. It can help you get through the coldest time of year if you plan a generous outdoor space to use when the weather finally changes. Here are just some patio upgrades you can make that will keep you going as you wait for warmer days.

Consider Hardscape Installations

Hardscape elements are complementary to the softness and color of your landscaping. As you think about what blends best, consider some of the following outdoor projects to install in spring for summer enjoyment:

  • Patio: Whether you need to tear out the old patio and put in a new one or start completely from scratch, now is the time to get the rock or stone ground cover you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Fire pit: You can add a fire pit for those still-chilly spring and early summer nights, or install a fireplace. Both deliver ambiance, warmth, light, and a place to cook up delicious outdoor eats.
  • Kitchen: Ready to give up the indoor kitchen for a while and take all the prep and scents outside? A customized outdoor kitchen with oven, fridge, bar, countertops, and more will be the place to entertain.
  • Walkways: Are you missing that one element to tie everything together in your outdoor space? A customized walkway may be just what you need. Invite people around the side of your home and guide them to your patio space for easy living with an attractive path underfoot.
  • Water feature: You might not be able to see past the piles of snow and ice right now, but a water feature in the warmer months will add beauty, sound, and balance to your hardscape, whether you add a fountain, waterfall, or bubbler.

Envision Your Softscapes

For people who envision an oasis of a backyard, the elements that make the space are those that grow and change within the landscape, such as:

  • Plants
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Grass
  • Flowers

These elements require regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and enhance the overall look of the outdoor area. Multiple colors and textures merged in a careful mixture create a hearty and cohesive design that flows and looks like it all grew there naturally.

Make Your Plans on Paper or Online

Some patio upgrades to your outdoor space simply cannot be made until the weather breaks and the ground becomes soft again. That doesn’t mean you can’t sketch and dream and plan in the meantime so that your project is ready to begin once Mother Nature allows for hardscape installation.

Make your biggest wish list as the wind blows and the snow falls. Imagine being outside in the balmy air, relaxing in the sun’s rays on comfortable furniture or socializing with family and friends. Wish for it all right now as you plan with your landscape designer from Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, then remove elements as needed to stick with your budget while still maintaining your vision. Contact us to schedule a consultation.