Discover the Outdoor Walkway That’s Right for Your Home

A walkway is one of those outdoor elements that homeowners often don’t give any thought to until they’re in the market to create or upgrade their own outdoor walkway. Then, all you can see are other peoples’ walkways, as well as the flaws on your own property. You’re ready to know what’s possible, affordable, and just right for the space you have.

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Walkway

If you are interested in adding a walkway to your home, congrats. You’ve just granted yourself the following benefits:

  • An excellent way to tie your entire outdoor living space together.
  • Smart connection between front and back yards.
  • Convenient method for you and visitors to walk around safely.

Plus, you now have another outdoor hardscape element that can be enhanced with strategic landscaping, whether you add grass, mulch, or plants around the walk. Designing for your outdoor space is fun and there are so many options that will fit with your vision, complement your patio area, and highlight your overall aesthetic and desired curb appeal.

Expand Outdoor Horizontal Space

When it comes to indoor enhancements, “vertical space” is often the phrase of choice. Outside, at least where walkways are concerned, the phrase to remember is “horizontal space.” Look around you, see how far you can see, envision every extension of space to the very edge of your yard.

Pathways can be created where you thought an outdoor element might not be possible, making a formerly inaccessible area useful for walking or lounging. With customized footpaths, you can expand your square footage, make physical connections around your home, and create functional areas that link  door to door, driveway to backyard, fire pit to deck, patio to pool.

Types of Outdoor Walkway Materials

There are several types of viable outdoor walkway materials and you will work with your hardscape designer to determine what’s best for the outdoor space you already have and what you hope to create. The most common materials include:

  • Pavers: Whether matched to existing pavers or chosen precisely because they’re different, this affordable material can be designed to look like elegant stone or rustic brick. They can be seamlessly laid together or separated by grass or gravel for a solid walking area.
  • Flagstone: Versatile in color and shape, flagstone can be irregular in shape but uniform in design. Naturally rough, it’s a great material for outdoor walkways.
  • Stone: Cobblestones often appeal to the most meticulous homeowners who appreciate polish and uniformity, while others prefer stones of varying shapes and sizes for an eccentric but pleasing look.
  • Wood or Gravel: A walkway made of wood or gravel can feel more authentic and organic and blends nicely with outdoor space that includes a water feature or native softscaping.

Start Planning Your Outdoor Walkway

The great thing about working with experienced landscapers and hardscapers is that they understand how all the elements work together in an outdoor space. What is user friendly, what is weather friendly, what will last the longest and serve your yard or patio the best? Get all these questions answered and more with help from the experts at Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township. Call now to schedule a consultation and start planning your outdoor walkway.