Cozy Canal Retreat


Our clients wanted a place that made them feel like they were on a permanent vacation that they could enjoy year-round when their boat was out of the water. The Visionary team worked together to create a design that included both the front and back areas of their canal-side home in Harrison Township.

From the moment you pull into the driveway, you’re met with a picturesque landscape strip, featuring three kindred spirit oak trees, ornamental grasses, and hydrangeas, all bordered by boxwood. Following the path to the rear of the house unveils a charming patio, adorned with Belgard® Dimension pavers in beige, accentuated by a midnight-colored border, seamlessly connecting to the wooden deck. Overlooking the canal, a built-in wood-burning fire pit stands ready to host gatherings. This cozy patio offers ample space for both dining and relaxation.

The plan also encompassed extensive landscaping around the patio, along with a row of arborvitaes to ensure privacy. The lovely canal-side home truly epitomizes the perfect year-round retreat.

“Our home feels like a perpetual vacation oasis thanks to Visionary Landscaping’s meticulous design. They truly brought our dream to life!”


What We Did

Full-Service Landscape Installation

Brick Paver Patio and Walkways

Built-in Firepit

Experienced, dedicated design team & work crews