Modern and Minimalistic


Our Harrison Township clients were completely disenchanted with their mid-century modern brick ranch, finding its outdated porch and lackluster beige bricks devoid of charm. With a fresh coat of deep grey paint, a sleek new garage door, and tasteful wood accents, their home was brought into the modern era. Now, the final touch needed was an exceptional landscape design to truly elevate the property!

Senior Landscape Designer Brianna Carrier crafted a sophisticated plan featuring clean lines and contemporary elements. Central to the design was the expansion of the landscape bed, encircled by a stylish brick garden wall. A majestic magnolia tree, vibrant knock-out roses, ornamental grasses, and a graceful Japanese maple were integrated into the layout.

This low-maintenance yet striking design adds structure and appeal to the home. Once a mundane drive-by, the house now oozes curb appeal and stands as a radiant gem in the neighborhood.

“This project was a thrilling opportunity to infuse modern elegance into a classic structure, creating a dynamic landscape that truly enhances the home’s architectural beauty.”


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