4 Creative Landscape Construction Projects

Landscape construction is all about improving your property, not just aesthetically but functionally. For example, if you have an area you’ve always considered unusable because it’s too wet and squishy, you may be shocked to discover that customized landscape construction efforts can improve the drainage system in that part of your yard and transform it into a completely viable outdoor living space. Here are just a handful of other creative landscape construction projects to expand your home.

1. Privacy Wall

If you have no interest in a fence for your yard but you wouldn’t mind a little privacy in certain areas, it’s time to talk about using vertical space. A rock or stone retaining wall is great if you have a hill behind your home or steep terrain, or if you’d like to close in a patio, walkway, or yard. If you are situated against your neighbor’s property, consider vertical planting which is especially great for small spaces. This element can do a lot for your backyard, adding color, texture, and the coveted privacy by separating your spaces gently and beautifully.

2. Level Lawn

If you have a lawn that’s a little uneven or bumpy and wish it could be flattened out for a more pleasing appearance and for greater ease of use, a landscape construction project can achieve success. Your grass has a significant impact on the aesthetics of your yard. When it gets evened out thanks to an expert eye, you can start to talk about what comes next, including options like ornamental grasses, a multi-level lawn, and incorporated hardscapes.

3. Complete Outdoor Living Space

When you want to bring the drama, talk to your landscape construction expert about designing a complete outdoor living space. Instead of just a patio, you might get a patio, pergola, seating, softscape, and a fire pit. The professionals are at no loss for ideas when it comes to transforming a yard into a new, stunning living space. Outdoor spaces deliver a lot, from full kitchens to enhancements to a pool area. Before you know it, you’ll see the design you’ve dreamed of come to life with an outdoor grill and bar, firepit, patio, seating areas, decorative water features, and more.

4. Low Maintenance Yard

Plenty of homeowners want a backyard that’s incredibly usable but requires very little in the way of maintenance or upkeep. A lawn can be cut down or eliminated entirely and substituted with a patio or ground-level deck surrounded by seating, rock areas, and self-sustaining, ground cover plants. You won’t have an expanse of green to look upon, but you will have the freedom to expand your outdoor living space with furniture, softscape, potted plants, or water features.

The Versatility of Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is all about altering an existing outdoor space to make it more functional. This usually involves a combination of both hardscape and softscape features, with old elements being removed and new improvements being customized precisely for your lifestyle and vision.

At Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI – we develop 3D landscape designs so you can see exactly what your yard can become with our expertise. Contact us to schedule an estimate to discuss all the elements of your outdoor living space and the landscape construction that works for you such as these creative landscape construction projects.