How to Design a Luxe-Looking Patio

With the right expert help, it’s easy to create a luxe-looking patio. Knowing what style and elements you’re looking for is the place to start, then it’s time to consult with experienced landscapers and design a setting that suits your vision, aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget.

Choose the Right Hardscape

An impressive, luxe-looking patio begins with what’s underfoot – the hardscape. The stone, pavers, or bricks that make up the patio set the tone for the entire space.

  • Pavers elevate the look of a patio and come in multiple styles to suit any budget.
  • Flagstone, slate, travertine, and limestone are some of the most common choices and are selected to suit a modern or eclectic taste.
  • Add an interesting paver pattern to make the area look even more elegant and luxe.
  • Include a complementary color border or add color with planting between the slabs.
  • Blend in composite decking or make the entire patio of this material for long-lasting materials.

Elevate with Strategic Add-Ons

You may only be envisioning your patio as a larger project, but sometimes it’s the smaller additions that deliver the most interesting and luxurious vibes.

  • Include water features, like a waterwall, pond, or bubbler, to serve as a soothing focal point and add tranquility and textural interest.
  • Choose strategic lighting options within or surrounding the patio that highlight the most interesting elements of the space, make night activities easy to navigate, and offer a calm ambiance.
  • The more enhancements you can add to your patio, the more use the area will get. Talk to your contractor about retaining wall seating, a fire pit, bars and grills, and steps and walkways.

Select Luxurious Vegetation

Offsetting the tough stuff that makes up your patio with natural elements creates an appealing place to hang out, entertain, and relax.

  • Select trees and shrubs that add curb appeal.
  • Fill in spaces with flowers or generously growing greenery.
  • Add shade and privacy with tall trees or large plants.
  • Soften the inherent toughness of stone and brick.

You can never have too much greenery or vegetation around your patio. Choose the colors, styles, and growing patterns that suit your lifestyle and preferences. The right configuration will deliver the luxe patio look you crave.

Don’t Forget the Details

Once your patio is designed and completed, it’s time to fill the space. Here are some of the most effective ways to make it happen:

  • Select weather-resistant materials for long-lasting furniture.
  • Choose furniture with simple, clean lines for sophistication.
  • Avoid frills so furniture and accessories never look dated.
  • Add plush cushions, pillows, and throw blankets for texture and comfort.
  • Consider an outdoor rug to pull the entire space together and solidify the luxe feel.

Design Your Luxe Patio in Shelby Township

At Visionary Landscaping, we develop 3D landscape designs so you can see exactly what your luxe-looking patio can become. Contact us to schedule an estimate to discuss your outdoor living plans and get the luxe look you want, no matter your budget.