5 Reasons to Add Fire Elements to Your Landscaping

Whether it’s a calm summer night or a cool fall evening, there’s nothing quite like the comfort and beauty of a contained outdoor fire. Work with your landscape design expert and you’ll discover what type of fire element is right for your outdoor area and the reasons to add fire elements and why this addition is such a smart choice.

1. Enhanced Ambiance

When you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit as part of your landscaping, you add beauty and warmth to the space. The light from the fire is a comfort, a gorgeous sight, and an invitation for people to gather in the same place and relax. The ambiance of a real fire in an attractively designed patio area or backyard is a sought-after outdoor living feature.

2. Improved Functionality

If you’re tired of bringing hot foods outside when you’re entertaining on the patio, consider doing the cooking among your guests by installing an outdoor fireplace or grill. With fire elements in place, you can socialize while you serve and there is no need to go in and out of the house. The convenience of a fire element in your backyard makes every get-together easier, more fun, and less work. You can cook, heat, or toast right where you are without major prep or cleanup required.

3. Attractive Focal Point

Surround your fire element with customized hardscaping and you have an outdoor area that looks and feels like a complete living space with blue skies and starry skies. If you’re concerned about landscaping that feels uncentered or scattered, adding a fireplace or fire pit creates a handsome visual centerpiece. Just like a fireplace pulls together a room inside the home, the outdoor fire element acts as a focal point, natural gathering area, and easy choice for framing the space with tables, furniture, or built-in seating.

4. Extended Outdoor Season

You can enjoy being outdoors longer every fall and winter and sooner in the spring when you have a fire element as part of your landscaping. This feature delivers warmth, comfort, and light, so no matter the temperature or time of day, there is always an opportunity to enjoy your patio. This extended outdoor season gives you more opportunities to host and socialize and make the most of the fresh air.

5. Increased Home Value

Fire elements are a popular feature for outdoor living. Add anything to your patio or backyard in this category and the return on your investment, should you sell your home in the future, is high. Carefully designed exterior space essentially extends the square footage of your home, creating an area that can be used nearly year-round, especially when a fire element is involved.

Add Fire Elements to Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor fire elements come in multiple configurations and designs with customized heat output and efficiency. Whether you opt for a wood or gas firepit, a wood or gas fireplace, or a gas fire table, the benefits are there for your outdoor enjoyment.

See what your outdoor living space can look like with the 3D planning designs from Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI. Together with our landscaping experts, you can create a stunning outdoor living space with beautiful fire elements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn the reasons to add fire elements to your outdoor space.