Create a Backyard Sanctuary with Water Features

Decorative water features add visual interest and tranquility to any backyard. No matter how large or small your outdoor space is, it’s always possible to add a water feature that blends into the landscaping and enhances the natural beauty around you and to create a backyard sanctuary that’s perfect for relaxing your body and restoring your soul.

Health Benefits of Water Features in Your Backyard

There is a spectrum of options when it comes to implementing water elements into a landscaping project, but they all offer the same amazing perks:

  • Calm and relaxation: The calming features of water are good for mind, body, and spirit. Studies have shown that the sounds of trickling or flowing water are restorative and stress-relieving and help improve mood and energy.
  • Texture and visual interest: Ambiance is important when designing the landscaping for your backyard, and water blends beautifully with softscape and hardscapes for a visually pleasing and texturally rich installation.
  • Peaceful ambiance: Whether you need a little natural noise to break the silence in your yard or want to cover unwanted noise in your neighborhood, the right water installation can buffer unpleasant sounds and create a soothing alternative.

Low-Maintenance Outdoor Water Installations

Water features in landscaping deliver plenty of benefits and don’t ask for all that much in return. Ongoing maintenance is typically minimal, of course depending on the type of water feature you get and its location, but some of the easiest options include waterfalls and fountains and here’s why:

  • Water recycles through pumps and filters that redistribute water
  • No major impact to your water bill
  • Constant movement minimizes buildup of algae
  • Little cleaning required

Clean water in water features is important but not nearly as critical as in swimming pools or hot tubs which need regular cleaning, monitoring, chemical testing, and maintenance. A water feature diminishes the need for heavy care on a regular basis for even the pumps, drains, and pipes.

Popular Backyard Water Features

Every homeowner has their preferences, and some are limited by the size of their outdoor living space, but there are multiple water feature options that can deliver the ambiance you want for your sanctuary.

  • Pond: A low-maintenance ecosystem that or a modern construction, the configurations are many and can contain waterfalls, fountains, and rock formations, including smooth stones or pebbles.
  • Waterfall: Low maintenance and customizable cascading water for large or small areas, often ideal in a swimming pool.
  • Bubbler: Great for a small space to spray jets of water, or cleverly designed to look like a naturally occurring element in a hardscape.
  • Waterwall: Build into a wall or hillside, a waterwall moves slowly and delivers a stunning large-scale visual element.

Add lighting to any of these water features and you have an even more pleasing and soothing environment in which to relax or entertain. The atmosphere becomes more intimate and delivers a cool reflective effect.

Design Your Backyard Oasis with Visionary Landscaping

Whether you want a water feature that blends into the existing landscape or stands out all on its own, the 3D planning designs we do at Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI will show you exactly what to expect from your choices. Create a backyard sanctuary with water features – perfect for relaxing your body and restoring your soul. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our landscaping experts to get the project started.