Expand Your Kitchen with an Outdoor Grill

Ever wish you could have an extra cooking area that didn’t require extensive preparation or clean-up? Plenty of homeowners look to outdoor living to expand your kitchen by adding an outdoor grill. This fire element isn’t just one outdoor appliance – it’s an entire vibe.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Grill

If you have a covered outdoor area, pergola, or patio space, adding an outdoor grill immediately improves cooking and entertaining options. If your household loves to host family, friends, and neighbors, sometimes the best thing is being able to keep all your guests gathered outside in one area and minimize the indoor foot traffic – you can feed them in that open air space too with a strategically placed outdoor grill.

Some of the benefits of this fire element include:

  • Minimize the work of cooking.
  • Eliminate indoor cooking odors.
  • Increase engagement with guests.
  • Extend outdoor living space.
  • The joy of a second kitchen.
  • Double cooking options.

Even a small patio or deck can be outfitted with a customized grill area and countertops for entertaining. Many homeowners opt for an outdoor grill and bar to have both food and drink covered when they’re enjoying time with their people.

Where to Start with an Outdoor Grill Design?

If your outdoor space is fully green but otherwise empty, but you know you want to create an outdoor grill area, it’s time to speak to a landscape designer about how to craft a pleasing combination of hardscape and softscape. An outdoor grill surrounded by attractive stone and counters – and perhaps an outdoor bar too – is nicely complemented by a matching patio underfoot, built-in seating, and plenty of greenery around the perimeter.

When getting an outdoor grill is your priority, the aim is an extended living area. You’ll want to speak with an expert who can deliver the outdoor style that accurately reflects your aesthetic, supports your lifestyle and entertaining preferences, and delivers one-of-a-kind touches.

Great Details to Add to an Outdoor Grill Area

Anyone can go out and buy a freestanding gas grill, but having a customized outdoor grill permanently situated within your backyard or patio is a luxury. This station is not just where the food goes, it’s a place to plate up entire courses, cook multiple types of meals, and serve your family and guests in a beautiful environment. Outdoor grills can include:

  • An island
  • Serving station
  • Sinks
  • Prep area
  • Refrigerator
  • Double grill
  • Pizza oven
  • Mood lighting

Reasons to Get an Outdoor Grill

The convenience of an outdoor grill is one of the biggest perks of this addition, but this add-on will also boost your home value and lower energy bills, perks you may have never seen coming. Plus, the logistical nature is too good to be true – cooking odors stay outside, your indoor kitchen stays clean, and prepping, cooking, and eating are all simplified by occurring in the same space.

If you can envision a grill and bar in your backyard, or a customized patio to accompany them, contact Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI to schedule a consultation to expand your kitchen and take a look at our 3D designs to create an outdoor living space you’ll never want to leave.