5 Upgrades to Prep Your Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Daylight Saving Time has begun, and there is a good chance you’re already eager to enjoy those longer, sunnier days and nights on your patio. Whether you keep it in the family with small dinners outside or invite the neighborhood for regular gatherings, here are some smart hardscape and landscape upgrades that will get your outdoor space ready for entertaining.

Go Green

Having a beautiful patio is only half the ambiance needed for successful outdoor entertaining. It’s important to balance the hard and soft with greenery, and this can happen in multiple forms. Work with a landscape design expert about planting perennials and annuals, trees, and shrubs. If you want low-maintenance greenery, express your preferences. If you want color, make that clear too. Sometimes, just adding large planters of flowers and plants make all the difference in ambiance.

Add a Fire Pit

There is nothing more cozy, intimate, and relaxing than a fire pit with comfortable seating anytime of year. Whether you sit around a fire for warmth and conversation or to roast s’mores and hot dogs, this hardscape addition is guaranteed to add soft lighting to the entire ambiance of your patio. Add a round, square, or rectangular fire pit depending on the visual elements and contrast you need to balance your entire outdoor space.

Focus on the Details

If you’re starting from scratch with your patio or upgrading an existing layout, you will work with your landscape designer to develop a hardscape and softscape game plan from start to finish. Then you have the pleasure of filling the space with finishing touches to really make it your own and make people want to stay and hang out. Here are some smart choices:

  • Simple, minimalist furniture for a sleek look
  • Weather-resistant material on seating, accessories, and rugs
  • Variety of textures on decorative pillows and blankets
  • Frill-free items to avoid a dated look

Include a Water Feature

No outdoor space is truly complete without a strategically designed and positioned water feature. Available in a variety of forms and sizes, these elements serve as a beautiful backdrop to whatever is happening on your patio. Their sound adds an undercurrent of tranquility, while there is automatic textural interest. Your waterwall, pond, or bubbler can be a focal point or out-of-the-way extra that will appeal to all guests.

Invest in Brick Pavers

Your entire patio can be designed or redesigned using sturdy, long-lasting brick pavers. With a variety of designs and colors available, brick pavers can make any outdoor space look attractive unique while maintaining a consistency and versatility that delivers convincing curb appeal. The durability and low-maintenance nature of brick pavers, whether you’re addressing your patio or adding a walkway, is indisputable.

Seasonal Upgrades for Outdoor Space

If you are interested in a hardscaping or softscaping project for your outdoor space, schedule a consultation with the designers at Visionary Landscaping in Shelby Township, MI. It is our goal to develop a project that suits your goals, vision, and budget. Contact us to discuss your project.