5 Ways Brick Pavers Beautify a Home

Any homeowner who wants to increase their home value or always has a future home sale in mind is interested in curb appeal, that first impression that sets the stage for everything on the inside and behind the home. Brick pavers elevate the appearance of a home, especially when colors and designs are carefully selected for versatility, consistency, and beauty. Not convinced? Here are just some of the ways brick pavers can beautify a home.

1. Make the Driveway Stand Out

Do you give much consideration to your driveway? It handles the cars, it leads to your garage, it’s a great place for the kids to draw with chalk or ride bikes. However, a driveway paved with bricks create a flat, even, outdoor surface that can still be used in many ways but that also delivers an incredible standout look in your neighborhood.

2. Put a Walkway Where There Wasn’t One

Interlocked bricks carefully measured out into a beautiful pattern are an impressive way to create a “wow” moment for anyone who takes the walk up to your front door or into the backyard (especially when the bricks are surrounded by carefully cultivated greenery and landscaping). The low-maintenance bricks also deliver on your walkway investment because they do not require curing. A one-time protective sealant keeps the bricks strong and beautiful.

3. Fulfill Favorite Color Preferences

Bricks are not only red. Far from it. Bricks are made with clay, but the mineral content of the clay is not always the same, nor is the surface treatment applied to the formed bricks. You can satisfy your love of color with bricks that are orange, purple, cream, brown, gray, and, of course, red. The options are plentiful and you might be surprised at the combination you settle upon or the color that catches your eye.

4. Produce the Coolest Patterns

If you’re in the market for improving your outdoor space, you’ve seen the stunning patterns and installations of pavers that turn a house from ho-hum to well done. These decorative delights aren’t reserved for VIPs alone. You can work with your hardscape designer to get the look you want using simple 4×8-inch bricks. From herringbone to pinwheel, whorled to basketweave and beyond, your imagination is the only limit.

5. Deliver Long-Lasting Benefits

There is no arguing the fact that brick pavers are an incredibly durable hardscaping element for a home. Their composition stands up to weather and they are very strong. Even if the bricks break, they are easy to replace or repair without interrupting the original look of an area. As a material, brick pavers are environmentally sound, allowing rainwater and other runoff to soak into the ground around them.

Get Brick Pavers from Visionary Landscaping

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