Discover the Outdoor Walkway That’s Right for Your Home

outdoor walkway right for home visionary landscaping

A walkway is one of those outdoor elements that homeowners often don’t give any thought to until they’re in the market to create or upgrade their own outdoor walkway. Then, all you can see are other peoples’ walkways, as well as the flaws on your own property. You’re ready to know what’s possible, affordable, and …

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Patio Upgrades to Consider While You Wait for Spring

patio upgrade hardscape visionary landscaping

As another brutal Michigan winter gets underway, many people dream of the balmy, breezy days of spring. It can help you get through the coldest time of year if you plan a generous outdoor space to use when the weather finally changes. Here are just some patio upgrades you can make that will keep you …

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Family Friendly Hardscape Features for Your Backyard

family friendly hardscape features

When you expand your outdoor space to include more areas to sit, eat, socialize, and relax, it allows your home and patio to evolve with your family. Adding any of the following family friendly hardscape features to an existing layout or designing something from scratch with an expert landscaper will deliver curb appeal, entertaining space, …

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